Nationalism is the prejudiced belief that one’s nation takes precedence over all other nations. Whether the nation is defined as a physical territory or a particular group of people is often intentionally made ambiguous, at least initially by nationalist politicians. Regardless, nationalism is often used to lend credence to unlawful calls for territorial expansion and internal oppression of individuals who fail meet an arbitrary definition of citizenship; defined not by law, due process, or reason, but rather by the identity and self interest of the individuals who have siezed the apparatus of the state. In the end, the elite of any nationalist regime define the nation, not the people.

When Donald Trump declares himself a nationalist, let us not forget the consequences of the nationalism:

genocide, colonialism, oppression, cherry picking, rape, murder, unethical human experiments, sexual repression, loyalty oaths, reeducation camps, concentration camps, death camps, internment camps, no camping, no privacy, surveillance state, confiscation of property without due process, enemies of the State, enemies of the people, enemies within, intellectual sloth, hubris, witlessness, complacency, go along to get along, see something say something, mandatory flag pledge, mandatory marching, military parades, spectacle, political talking points instead of sermons, State MegaChurch, state religion, state television, censorship, mind control, sports, denunciation, two minutes of hate, reflexive thinking, chants, public piety, mandatory displays of emotion, praise for Dear Leader, Dear Leader at all, confiscation of firearms, prohibited possession of basic chemicals, censorship of science, controls on communications, censorship without appeal, rule by algorithm, zero tolerance, war on drugs, war on terror, war on you, fortified borders, endless war, unlimited defense spending, fend for yourself, die for your country, drink the Kool-Aid for Christ’s sake, mass graves everywhere

Nationalism is a recipe for collapse.

Nationalism is disorder.

Nationalism is death.

The lives of nationalist leaders do not end well.

Donald Trump has Declared Himself “a Nationalist”

Donald Trump’s nationalist agenda and nationalist policies must be put to an end or we will all face the dire consequences of nationalism: collapse, chaos, and death.

Vote out the nationalists while you still can!