Politics Makes Spray Tan Bedfellows 👬

Trashy Trump and Lyin’ Ted
are having fun in Ted’s Bed,
And Lyin’ Ted Keeps goin’ down
’cause Trashy Trump is Putin’s clown.


“It’s not a bother, this clown to blow,
There’s quite a bit there down below,”
Says Ted the known and proven Liar,
“Russian clown cock lights my fire,
And Trashy Trump’s huge cock I love,
It’s heaven sent, from God above,
On one’s face, it’s quite anointing,
And there’s no way it’s disappointing.”


But Ted is not a Trumpster fool,
Although his face is drenched with drool,
He knows the size of Trashy’s tool
Is far to small to rule this land,
But for a some votes he lends his hand,
He tells himself:
“It’s a one night stand.”


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