My Healthcare Nightmare

A random person on the TweetBook today was bemoaning the lack of public healthcare in the United States and how little value we get from the taxes we pay to the dang guberment. (Without naming names, the audience was left leaning gun nuts, so please excuse the colorful metaphors.) And then I said:

So my debit card got jacked in February and I missed the snail mail telling me that my autopayment had stopped autopaying the health insurance company. Now I can’t buy health insurance until open enrollment in October. Yes, my negligence contributed to the problem, but for fuck’s sake I make a six figure income and have no health insurance or legal path to acquire it short of getting married, finding a new job, or adopting an orphan (so gross). I’m sending out resumes.

This shit wouldn’t happen if the government provided what most developed countries consider basic infrastructure… health insurance. I am literally considering a short trip to Tijuana to treat my badly infected gums… or buying fish antibiotics online like a real prepper. (Why don’t I just have that stuff on hand? Those kids in Red Dawn probably did. I’ll never be a real Wolverine.)

redacted is right. We don’t get our money’s worth for our nation’s unusually low tax rate. I’d pay 5-15% more in taxes just to eliminate the healthcare bullshit from my life. Or we could just cancel the F-35 and crowdsource a replacement on Kickstarter. I mean, we really could hold a bake sale to fund a stealth bomber. But imagine how much more worker productivity our corporate / reptilian / robot overlords could squeeze out of us if we didn’t waste our working hours dicking around on the phone with private insurance companies. There are several private armies of bureaucrats out there who’s sole function in life is to waste people’s time. They all could be retrained to serve as mall cops without diminishing the utility they bring to the world. Or F-35 pilots.


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